December 18, 2009

How I Organized My Coupons

I started off my using a leather binder that I had laying around.  You could use a regular 3 ring binder if you wanted to. On the inside I have folders to keep ads in or lists and coupons for each store.  The folders are on the left in a pocket.  I also have a pouch to hold my goodies.  Pens, markers, scissors, ect..

I used single page protectors to put store specific items in. I have one for each store (Walgreens, Meijers, Krogers, Giant Eagle, ect.) that I visit. I have a few extra incase I need them. You would use these for store catalinas, store coupons, store ads, ect.. After that I have my coupons in photo page refills. You can pick these up at Walmart (10 pk for $2), or any office stores. I used the 3 pockets. They have 2 pockets to 9 pockets available. Pick what works best for you.

When I put the coupons in I use 1 category per page and label it. I used front and back because I have a lot of coupons.  Mine aren't labeled yet but I will get there.  Here is a list of categories you could use:
- Candy/Gum
- Produce/Eggs/Staples (ex: sugar)
- Beverages
- Dairy Items (ex: cheese, yogurt)
- Meat
- Frozen Foods
- Snacks
- Boxed/Canned Goods
- Cereal/Breakfast Items
- Condiments
- Dish/Hand Soap
- Cleaning Supplies
- Miscellaneous Household (ex: batteries, lightbulbs)
- Food Storage and Trash Bags
- Laundry Supplies
- Paper Products (ex: toilet paper, paper towels)
- Lotion
- Hair Care
- Face Soap/Deodorant
- Eye Care
- Dental Items
- Make up
- Feminine Products
- Body Soap
- Vitamins
- Medicine
- First Aid
- Diapers/Wipes
- Miscellaneous Baby/Kids

Change these to what best suits you and your families needs.  If you don't buy vitamins... then you probably won't clip those coupons.   In the back I do have 9 pocket sheets.  Usually used for baseball cards.  Most couponers use these although I did not find them to be big enough.  In the very back I have a notepad.  I write everything down.  So paper is a necessity for me.  lol!

This is how I put it together.  If you have any questions just ask.  I am unsure how often I will go through it and update it.  But I will keep you informed.  Remember I am new to all of this also.

Here is a link that helped me with all of this. Thanks stretching a buck!  Click Here.