December 11, 2009

Meijer -- Maxwell House Coffee .79 cents plus FREE SUGAR (NO COUPONS NEEDED)!

If you love Maxwell House coffee then this is a deal for you!!

Maxwell House Coffee is on sale for
$1.79 for 10-12oz can
Right now if you buy 3 cans you
get a free 5# bag of Pioneer sugar (pg. 12 of online ad)

Plus there is also a catalina deal if you buy
2-3 cans you get $1. catalina back but
if you buy 4 cans you get $4. catalina back

Here's how the deal will look
with no Coupons

4 cans Coffee @1.79 ea = $7.16
1 - 5# bag Pioneer Sugar= $2.49
-$2.49 for free sugar
pay - $7.16
get $4. catalina back
$3.16 for 4 coffee's and 1 sugar
that's only .79 cents per coffee plus free sugar!!
Be sure to buy 4 coffee's to get the catalina!

Do this again and again, (Catalina's roll)!

if you have $1./2 MQ it will look like this
4 cans coffee = $7.16
sugar = $2.49
-$2.49 free sugar
-$1./2 MQ
-$4. catalina
for 4 bags coffee and sugar!!!
that's .29 cents per coffee plus
free sugar!!

Also when my sister did the 2nd transaction
she used the $4. catalina from the 1st and she
still got another catalina.
**Which means they ROLL**
Rinse and Repeat!!!
((catalina runs 12/6-1/2/10))
but the sale ends Saturday so
If they're out get a rain check because
it should work next week too.
((Make sure they write the free sugar on the rain check.))