January 2, 2010

4Checks.com - 200 Checks for Only $4.05 Shipped

I really needed this deal...I am out of checks! 4checks.com is offering 2 boxes of checks plus free shipping for only $4.05 when you use coupon code DE0378. This is for first time customers only. Each box has four books and each book has 25 checks, so that is 200 checks total. Offer expires 12/31/10.
Really easy to do...
Click HERE and select the style you want. Create the checks and add to cart, make sure to not select any of the extras (like upgraded font). On step 2 you will enter coupon code DE0378 and you will see the $4.05 price. Make sure to SELECT "NO" TWICE TO EZSHEILD on the page where you enter the coupon code.