February 1, 2010

My Savings for January

Savings from coupons and store sales: 
Meijer:             Savings- $441.16        Total Spent - $92.48 
Giant Eagle:     Savings- $240.05        Total Spent- $52.93
Kroger:             Savings- $61.36          Total Spent- $13.02
Walgreens:       Savings- $105.66        Total Spent- $50.29
CVS:                 Savings- $167.98        Total Spent- $33.01
Wal-Mart:        Savings- $115.80        Total Spent-$9.87
Others:             Savings- $430.76         Total Spent- $64.93

Total--------------Savings: $1,562.24      Total Spent- $387.50

***Coupons Total- $636.97*****

Savings from cutting costs: 
Gas: (Jon's job (Pepsi) pays for our gas) - $264
Insurance (we switched) -$50
Taxes (we got everything done free)-$28
Car (we had a very wonderful person in our family pay to have our car fixed)- $600

Savings on Entertainment/Dining:
Magainzes (we signed up for several subscripions mainly for coupons and reading . Some were 
                    gifts from other people)- $120
Bowling (my mother's work had a pizza/bowling party)- $30
COSI Membership (gift)- $88
Food- $12.98
Free Samples (full size samples)-$26.50
 Grand Total of January Savings..................................$2,851.02

WOW!!! I can't believe it. I am half way to my yearly goal already!  That is crazy.