March 24, 2010

More Freebies!

I have yet another HUGE list of FREEBIES!!  I love free samples.  As long as I will use them! I refuse to add clutter to my house.  I'm a clean freak remember.  Keep in mind I add new samples and freebies to the list every time I find them (which is several times a day).  The master list can be found here or under the "FREEBIES" tab on the main page.   Enjoy!

Free T-Shirt from  Test a T-Shirt (made to protect you from odor) then click here to evaluate it!

Free Garden Markers which are also weather resistant!

Free Sample of Crest Mouthwash 

Free Water Gardening Guide  with catalog from Paradise Water Gardens.

Free All Natural Gourmet Wraps Dog Treats. Choose from five different flavors.

Free Sample of Benefiber Orange from Walmart.

Music - 20 free Indie Rock album downloads from Rock Proper.

FREE Ringtonica Flashlight Carabiner from!

Free Gardener’s Idea book from Proven Winners.

Free Sample of Sun Crystals Sweetener