March 25, 2010

My Kroger Trip - Saved 104%!!

kroger logo 300x243 Kroger: 
Triple Coupons Starts Today!!

I went to Kroger the other day to take advantage of some great deals.  Also to use the prizes I have won from the March to Savings. I won $5 and a Free Maxwell House Coffee.  I was excited about the coffee because of the $12 in savings attached to it that I had heard about.  Here was how my trip went.

Maxwell House Coffee - $6.49
- 6.49 from March To Savings Prize
7 Bumble Bee Tuna - $.99
- (6) $.55/1 coupon from 2/21 SS
Soft Soap- $1.50
-$1/1 coupon from All You Magazine
4 Irish Spring Soap 3 pk - $1.50
-(2) $.50/2  coupon from 3/14 SS
Oscar Mayer Lunchable - $1.49
- $.50/1 printable
8 Power Bar Gel Chews - $1.00
- (8) $1/1 coupon from 1/10 SS
2 Aquafresh - $2.50
- $.75/1 coupon from 1/3 RP

-$4.00 March to Savings
- $4.00 March to Savings
-$5.00 March to Savings Prize
Final Cost = $2.35 in OVERAGE!!  They paid me to walk out with groceries. 

**Funny story about the overage.  I grabbed 4 candy bars because I knew most stores would not allow overage. The cashier said "I was just going to give you money back. I figured you would like that better.  But you can get the candy bars if you want."  Of course I would take the money over candy bars! Did anyone know they will pay you overage at Kroger?

**Another thing is did you catch my mistakes.  I could have walked out with more money if I didn't make a few mistakes.  Here goes:  1) I had 1 extra item for the March to Savings. 2) I left one of my toothpaste coupons at home.  If I would not have made these mistakes I could have walked out with $6.00 in OVERAGE!