April 15, 2010

Free Socks at 10 pm EST!

No Nonsense has been giving socks away like crazy lately.  If you missed getting those socks, today and the next 4 days will be great! No Nonsense will be giving away 600 pairs a day for 5 nights!!  Here are the details.  

Facebook status update:   
Let the clicking begin at 10 pm Eastern time when we will be giving away another 100 pairs of socks! Fans, be sure to register by clicking on the link to the left of our wall.

Here's the deal. Our sock contest is continuing in a big way, but ends April 19th. 600 pairs per night, starting tomorrow. 1 pair per household. 10pm Eastern time. That’s a lot of free socks! 600 pairs x 5 nights=3000 pairs or 6000 socks, enough for 6000 feet! And you thought math wasn’t fun. Free Socks Here at 10 pm!

Thanks One Momma Saving Money!