June 8, 2010

How Do You Like The Blog?

As you can see I have been really busy working on the blog!  I did all of it on my own, with the help of blogger, and google searches for the rest. lol!  I think I did a good job. I want to show you around and let you know what is different. 

Header & Background
As you can tell my header is different.  Also the background.  I tried to make it less busy and more laid back. 

I have a few new pages.  Some were combined.  We have the Coupons page where you can find recent coupons I have posted about and also where to find other available coupons.  The Store Deals page allows you one simple click to all available store deals to any store you choose.  Before I had labels all down my side bar.  Now everything is in one simple spot! The Freebies page allows you to view either free samples or freebies I have blogged about.  There are also other freebies from various website you can choose from as well.  My Make Money page shows you several different companies you can sign up with for surveys, paid e-mails, and more.  Very easy money and I have worked with each company myself.  The About page and Contact Me page speak for themselves.

Left Side Bar
Next we have the left side bar.  As you can see I put my Monthly Savings there.  Below that is my Followers.  Neither of those have changed.  After that the "Grab My Button"!  This was my favorite thing to work on.  I have wanted one for some time now.  Final my Blog Archive.  This allows you to see everything I have posted about this month or in previous months. 

Right Side Bar
I now have two right side bars.  I hope it isn't too much for you to look at.  I really like this because it allows me to separate things a bit more.  I love to be organized.  At the top of my left side bar I have both my Facebook Button and Twitter Button.  These will both allow you to follow me on facebook or twitter and stay up to date with my latest posts.  Under those are "Search This Blog".  This feature allows you to type anything in on my blog and it will show all posts where that particular word comes up.  Example: juice coupon.  It would show everything I have posted about juice coupons.  Below that is my Coupons section.  These are 3 very popular websites to find coupons.  Below that is the Coupon Databases.  These allow you to search for coupons for a particular item.  Tonight I had to find a coupon for Drano.  So I typed in Drano and it will show you were to find the coupon for it.  Rather it is a peelie coupons (found on product), printable, or paper coupon in the 5/26 Smart Source insert.  I love these databases and I use them everyday!
Last but not least is Swagbucks! Let me tell you it doesn't get better than Swagbucks (sign up here).  Free money for searching the internet?  Come on now. 

Please let me know what you think.  All comments and opinions are appreciated!  Just comment at the bottom of this post!  Thanks again!