June 1, 2010

My Savings For May!

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Savings from coupons and store sales:
Meijer:                Savings- $137.64           Total Spent - $16.75
Giant Eagle:         Savings- $419.94           Total Spent- $13.21
CVS:                   Savings- $88.64              Total Spent- $8.10
Wal-Mart:           Savings- $60.30              Total Spent-$8.28
Target:                Savings- $16.62              Total Spent-$.82
Kroger:               Savings - $38.92             Total Spent - $2.36
Dollar General     Savings - $27.24             Total Spent - $4
Total                  Savings: $789.31           Total Spent- $53.52
                  ***Coupons Total- $505.37***

Savings on Other:
Free Samples (full size samples)-$37
Gas (reimbursed though hubbies work) - $219.50
Others - $309
Rebates - $32

Grand Total of May Savings....................$1386.81

*Please remember that we do not shop like normal families.  We stockpile our groceries.  We buy fruits, veggies, dairy, and meat (if we don't already have it) on a weekly basis. I usually use catalinas, ECBs, RRs, and overage from coupons to buy the things I need (along with giftcards and more). 
*Free Samples -I usually receive in the mail. I only count the products I could buy from the store in the travel section or on the shelves.  I do not count 1 pantyliner or 3 diapers, ect. 
*Others- included savings on doing things ourselves (car repairs, haircuts, dog grooming, ect), Free magazine subscriptions, other savings at retail stores and online, and cutting costs on bills.