July 24, 2010

BeRuby: Earn Money for Visiting Websites!


BeRuby is a website where members can join for free and earn money for visiting websites, registering on websites, and making online purchases.  There is also coupon available.  I know a few people who haven't done this for long and are already close to the payout amount.  It will take time.  Just be active at it and be sure to stop in almost everyday and click on links.  Some of the links included in getting paid for visiting is: Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, ESPN, and more.  If you go to these pages each day why not get paid for it? Go here to check it out and/or sign up.  Or just click on the image above.

I am going to head over and sign up just because I can get paid to go to Facebook, Yahoo, and Twitter.  I am on each of those sites everyday anyways.  Plus, I am always looking to get paid to shop!  :)