July 16, 2010

Free Music Downloads from Amazon!

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Barsuk Records: 2009 Amazon Digital Sampler by Various Artists

I love music. But I'm not willing to pay for it or get viruses. I came across an alternative. Amazon has FREE album downloads. Right now you can score 116 MP3 albums at no charge. These are albums, not single songs. Most of the songs are from artists you have probably never heard of. I did see names such as Death Cab for Cutie, Alice Cooper, Poison, Beyoncé, and more. They have several genres to choose from. My thought is, if you enjoy music and your open to new artists, this is the place for you!

Amazon also offers a FREE MP3 catalong with over 1,800 songs available. There are several songs and genres to choose from as well. My plan of action for going through these songs is to choose the genre on the left sidebar and then list them in alphabetical order.  It made going through the country songs much easier. 

In order to download you will need  Amazon's MP3 Downloader which will deliver your downloads straight to your iTunes or Windows Media Player library. Let me know if you download anything.