July 19, 2010

My First Blog Award!


Every now and then I get really bummed because my blog isn't as big as I want it to be. I mean I didn't want a get rich quick gig or anything. I just wanted to feel as though I make a difference in readers lives. Or just that maybe people actually read my blog. It really made my day when I received The Sunshine Award!

The Sunshine Award was given to me by OhNoeSockMonkeys.  I first I thought it was spam (I kid you not).  But boy am I excited.  It actually made me feel important or needed or something. lol!  The only rule to accepting this award is to post thanking the person who gave it to you and to pass it on to 12 other blogs that bring Sunshine into your day!

So here goes: 


I know the list only has 5 blogs, but I did my best to come up with 12. I love these blogs.  The writers have heart and soul into each post. They are very creative.  I feel like I have grown, lived and learned with each of them.  That is why I choose them.