July 15, 2010

New Changes!

I've made some new changes on the blog again.  As you can see I have a new domain name.  I'm now at www.inspiringyou2save.com.  So exciting!  My favorite part about my new changes is my new Coupon Database!!  No matter what coupon you are looking for, rather it be Kotex, Luvs, Folgers, or Wishbone you will know exactly where to find it.  It will tell you the source or give you a link to the printable!  You can access the Coupon Database by clicking the Coupon Database button on the right side bar or by clicking on the Coupon Database page tab at under my blog name/header. 

Some of my other changes include: changing my subscribe buttons, adding Coupon Lingo and changing the layout.  Another change was putting the labels back on my front page.  I thought it would be easier to give items their own page, but it wasn't.  Now if you want to view a certain topic such as Free, Target, Recalls, or Samples, all you have to do is click on the label and all my posts about it will show up!  I'm trying to make my blog as easy as possible to navigate and use.  So please let me know if you have any comments or suggestions via email or comment.  Some of these changes were made from suggestions anyways.  I'm up for anything.  Like I said, I'm just trying to make your coupon and deal seeking exerience as pleasurable as possible!  :)

Thanks for being terrific readers!  I really appreciate it!