July 28, 2010

Target: $155 Worth of Children's Clothing for $22!

My husband and I went to Target the other day and came across some amazing clearance prices!   The prices were so great that I ran to 3 Target stores within 24 hours just to grab all I could.  I bought these 33 pieces for only $22!  The prices started at $0.75 for infants and toddlers items and $1.24 for boys items.  Prices were different at each store I went to.  Prices varied anywhere from $0.49 - $2.  The items I saw clearanced were shortsleeve shirts, sleeveless shirts, shorts, jeans, shoes, sleepwear, different infants items (pants sets, bedding sets, layette sets), and so much more.  All the items I purchased were in the infant/toddlers or boys department.  Here are the items I bought:

I got 2 sleeveless shirts and 7 pairs of knitted shorts for $0.75 each!  I also grabbed the two bug short sleeve shirts for $1 each.

I got the 4 shirts on the left for $1.25 each and the 4 shirts on the right for $1.50 each.

I got the 3 polos and 1 shirt on the left for $1.75 each. I got the 4 pairs of shorts and 1 short sleeve shirt on the right for $2 each.
I got these adorable little skater shoes for only $3.74 and this 3 piece sleepwear outfit for $3.24. 

The shelf prices of these items was $154.91.  I paid only $22 after a $16.32 giftcard. That is a savings of 86%!  Even before giftcards I would have only paid $38 which is still a savings of 75%.  So RUN don't walk to Target.  I hope you can find these great deals!