July 27, 2010

Tax Free Holiday in August!

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One great way to save money is to buy clothing, shoes, schools supplies, books, and computer on your states Tax Free Holiday.  Listed below are the states and dates along with links for additional information.  Please check the list full list here or click on the links to see what your state includes in their Tax Free Holiday. 

Alabama August 6-8
Connecticut August 15-21
Florida August 13-15
Illinois August 6-15
Iowa August 6-7
Louisiana Aug 6-7
Maryland August 8-14
Mississippi July 30-31
Missouri August 6-8
New Mexico August 6-8
North Carolina August 6-8
Oklahoma August 6-8
South Carolina August 6-8
Tennessee August 6-8
Texas August 20-22
Virginia August 6-8

The full list here also includes dates where you can buy energy star products,  firearms, ammunition, hunting supplies, hurricane preparedness items, air conditioners, and more without paying tax.  I just learned of this holiday.  I wish my state participated. I'm a little bummed they don't. Happy shopping on the Tax Free Holiday.