August 27, 2010

Groupon: Gap $50 GC for $25 Got 500,000 Hits!

Do you remember when I posted about the $50 GAP giftcard for $25 on Groupon last week? Well I have something crazy to tell you. Half a million people took advantage of that offer. Can you believe it? Wow!
"But that message didn't come from the Gap. It came from a company called Groupon. It's one of several companies offering consumers some amazing deals — and changing the way businesses market themselves along the way. The Gap deal was Groupon's first big national promotion — and the response overwhelmed the company's servers."

"We thought it would do well," says Rob Solomon, Groupon's president. "We had no idea it would do as well as it did. And now we're getting calls from every national retailer out there about how they can get in on the fun with Groupon."
Here's What I Learned:
  • A National company put a coupon on Groupon that was an instant hit and
  • Every other national retailer paid attention and wants in on it too.
  • There will be more similar fantastic offers.
  • If You too want in on the next big campaign, you need to sign up now so when the offer becomes available, you're getting the notification in YOUR email box.
You can read more on the story here.

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