August 7, 2010

New Layout: How Do You Like It?

Hey everyone! Sorry if the blog is a little harsh on your eyes. I'm also sorry things are mismatched right now. I am still working on it.  I made this page 99% by myself.  Gimp helped layer the images and Blogger helped put in the text color.  But I made the header, background, and button myself.  How do you like it?  Be honest.

The other day I decided I wanted to go back to school for website design.  I first wanted to try it myself with out classes and see if I could do it.  Well guess what, I did it!!  I think I might be good at this.  I figured out I'm good at putting the images together but now I need to learn more about creating webpages using HTML.  I am good with basic HTML but when it comes to CSS, I'm not so great.  Still working on it.  Do you think I would be good at website design based on what you see?

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