September 8, 2010

Home Depot: Free Workshop + 4 Great Newsletters!

Look what Home Depot is offering!  An FREE Do-it-herself Workshop featuring Martha Stewart Living Products!  How cool. Here's a little of what the site said about it:

Not many realize thought that almost any home improvement project can be done by yourself, even the toughest jobs - with a little help of course. There are tons of great resources out there to help do-it-yourself home owners, including specialty retailers who are devoted to making you projects easier as well as more enjoyable. 

Several of these also offer expert tips and convenient tricks online which you can receive in a monthly newsletter right to your inbox.  Some even hold free workshops that will teach you everything you need to know- from choosing the right power tool to paving you walkway.

Home Depot offers 4 great newsletters you can receive that include great tips, coupons, and much more!  I get all of them because we live at Home Depot and I want to be the first to hear of their promotions.  Plus, get their coupons.  :)

Home Depot Pro -Consumers can sign up to receive emails about special offers and promotions from The Home Depot.

Home Depot Movers  - Consumers can sign up to receive customized emails with projects, checklists, information and 10% off in-store purchase.

Home Depot Home Improvement Club - Join Home Depot's Home Improver's Club and get money-saving offer and time-saving tips now!

 Home Depot Garden Club - Join Home Depot Garden Club and get money-saving offers and tip saving tips now!