October 29, 2010

Get Free Vacations For Your Time! (All Terms and Details Noted)


Today, I came across a great site called Trooval. Trooval is a site where you can get FREE resort vacations, free show tickets, free dining, and much more.  The only catch is you must sit through a 90-120 minute speech about Time Shares.  I read through all the fine print and saw nothing to be alarmed about.  Trooval is all about spending time, not money. Trade your time for a Free Vacation! Register to see which deals are available for you this month!

Here is a little more info about what you can expect.

"On the day following your arrival, you will meet with your vacation consultant who will verify your qualifications and confirm your IDs. See Terms for details. Then they will give you a tour of the property and amenities. The tour will last on average about 90 minutes. On the tour, the vacation consultant will ask you where you like to go and what you like to do as well as tell you about the opportunities within the vacation ownership program."

"Once you book this deal you may cancel this offer without penalty up to 3 days before your arrival. If you must cancel less than 3 days before arrival, you will be charged a cancellation fee of $99. If you fail to attend the sales presentation you will also be charged this fee. As long as you attend the sales presentation as agreed, there is never any fee."

Other notable info:
You must be at least 25 years of age
You must have a gross annual income of $50,000 or more and be creditworthy
You must participate in a sales presentation and tour that will last between 90-120 minutes
You must show valid ID and credit card at the time of the presentation
Failure to meet these requirements or failing to show-up will include a penalty fee of $99.

If you meet all terms and conditions, this is a great deal!  I didn't want to hide anything for you so I posted all the info you need to know.  I know family who has done offers like these and they loved it.  You can choose places from Tennessee, Florida, Mexico and much more.