October 2, 2010

Monetize Your Blog

Want to know how to Monetize your blog? I have the answer.  Let me start by saying there are several ways to Monetize your blog along with several companies to use.  I have rounded up ways to monetize along with my opinion on the ones I have tried. 

Affiliate Companies:

Logical Media- They offer the most campaigns out of all the affiliate networks. There is always a chance to make money with them because of all the different campaigns they offer. Plus, you get a $25 sign on bonus. You can't cash out until you have $100 but you can make it fast.  I have made $148 with them in a few months.#2 choice

MySavings Media Super Affiliate Program

MySavings Media- I haven't been with them for long but I have realized they offers different campains than logical media and escalate media.  Signing up with them will give you extra campaigns to post about and more options to make money.

Escalate Media- This is one of my favorites because they offer more campaigns suitable to my website. Most campaigns are similar to logical media.  They offer pay out at only $50.  Plus, they have the best 2 guys behind the scenes answering questions and giving ideas on how to promote the offers.#1 choice

WeUseCoupons.com is a pay per click and you get bonuses for every referral. This one is simple just put the button up on your site and when people click it to get their coupons, you earn money. To sign up just click on the link here and then click on Affiliates on the navigation bar.  Then fill in your info and start making money!  If you like me enough you can fill in my name (Jessica Oberle) for who sent you!

LinkShare- I am new on here so I haven’t made anything yet.

Shareasale- Pay-per-sale affiliate program. I also just signed up for this one and haven't made anything yet.

Commission Junction
Azoogle Ads
Sponsored Posts:
I have made $100 on Social Spark.  Other than that I only know of these programs but haven't worked with any of them.

Social Spark  - #1 choice
Review Me
Blogger Wave
Sponsored Reviews

Twitter/Facebook Sponsored Posts

Sponsored Tweets- I am on this everyday because they always have new things to tweet. I’ve made over $70 via Paypal. I get emails when I have an offer and then I just login and write the tweet and submit! You can cash out before you reach the $50 minimum, buy are subject to a $2  fee. You get paid per tweet or per click.

My Likes- They offer pay-per-click. Plus, you get paid weekly via Paypal on balances over $2!

Other Ways to Monetize:
Google Adsense -Pay-per-impression and pay-per-click
Yahoo! Publisher Network (YPN)
Amazon Affiliate

Private Advertising (selling ads on your blog)

CPM (Cost Per Mile) Networks 
Casale Media
Burst Media
Value Click
Tribal Fusion
Right Media 
Text Links
DigitalPoint Link Sales Forum
Monetization Widgets:
RSS Feed Ads
In-text Adverting
Vibrant Media

Do you use any of these programs?  If so which ones and what do you think about it?

Thanks DailyBlogTips for a few of these.