October 26, 2010

Shopscotch: New Cash Back Program!

Are Eabtes and ShopatHome just not cutting it for you? Get extra cash back from hundreds of top brands when you buy through Shopscotch. Join free today. Shopscotch is a social cash back shopping site where you can earn cash back for making online purchases. Shopscotch has partnered with hundreds of top brands including eBay, GAP, Staples, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, Macy's and Apple. It continues to add new stores every day!

Shopscotch has higher cash back percentages than most other programs. For instance, Shopscotch gives 3% cashback for purchases from Walmart.com compared to other cashback programs that only give 1%! Sign up now because when Black Friday rolls around and you don't feel like joining the rush, you will be glad your are getting cash back shopping online!

Sign up for Shopscotch here.