November 16, 2010

Blogger Tip Tuesday: How to Get More Followers

Have you been trying to gain more followers to your blog? Today's Blogger Tip Tuesday will bring you all the information you need to know about getting more followers through Google Friend Connect, Twitter, and Facebook. In this post I will mainly discuss following via Google Friend Connect but each topic mentioned can be used for both Twitter and Facebook too. The best way to encourage people to follow your blog is to have awesome content with something they’ll want to come back and read again. Write interesting blog posts that provide information, entertainment, pretty pictures, etc. You can also gain followers by:

Blog Hops 
When you add your blog to a hop list, other people will click on your blog and comment on your site along with following you. Once they follow you, normally you would follow them back. There are blog hops for Google Friend Connect, Network Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Subscribe by Email, and more. I host (2) Blog hops each week. Meet Me Monday and Wandering Wednesday.  Hope to see you there! Plus, don't forget that I have a Blog Hop Library on my site.  You can use this to find a blog hop for everyday of the week.

Having giveaways is a great way to build followers. You host a giveaway and have others follow you as one of the ways to enter the giveaway.

Add Blog URL to Signature 
Include your blog URL in your email, discussion board, and comment signatures. This will attract more guests to your blog. This idea works great when you add your blog URL to your signature in relevant topic boards. For example, I post on coupon message boards all the time, so adding my Inspiring You To Save blog URL to the end of posts will generate more readers who are interested in my blog's focus. Plus, you can comment on other blogs (in relevant comments) and include the URL.

Guest Posts
A guest post is a post you write and someone else features on their site. The best way to make a guest post pay off for you is to make it pay off for the reader. You want them to find what you write relevant and interesting and get those readers to come to your site and possibly follow you. Also, the readers of the guest post could share your post with social networks, bringing you more followers!

Blog Roll
A blogroll is a list of links to other blogs or websites that the author of the blog regularly likes to read. Some bloggers will add you if you just ask and others will make a trade.  You put them on your blog roll in exchange for them adding you. Try to find a blog on the same topic or at least some how connected to the same topic.
Social Networks
Share you blog URL on Facebook and Twitter.  Encourage your social media followers to follow your blog.  A great way to encourage them is by hosting giveaways. You can also post feed from your blog on Facebook and Twitter and hopefully this will interest them enough to follow you.

If you are looking for more ways to gain followers for Facebook and Twitter all of these tips can be used for that too!

Do you know a way to gain new followers that I didn't list?