November 9, 2010

Blogger Tips Tuesday: Post Your Blog Feed Directly to Facebook and Twitter!

Have you been wanting to post your feed directly to Facebook or Twitter but weren't sure how? Or do you post your feed manually to both sites but want a way out?  Today I'm going to teach you how to post your feed directly to Facebook and Twitter using a website called TwitterFeed.

TwitterFeed is a service that will automatically publish your posts to Twitter, Facebook, Ping, Statusnet and more. It even lets you customize how many posts, tiny urls, and more.  I was so excited to come across this service because I used 3 methods to set up mine instead of just 1!

Here's how to sign up for TwitterFeed:
1. Log in on Facebook and Twitter.  This will just make the process easier.

2. Sign up with Do this by going to and scroll down to the login box and click on "Don't have an account yet?". Now enter your email address and password and click on Create Account.

3. Name your feed. Choose a name for your feed (blog name, etc.). Next we have to go into blogger and get your feed URL. To do this go to your Blogger dashboard and click on Settings for the selected blog. Now click on the SiteFeed tab and scroll down to Post Feed Redirect URL.  You will see a URL and you need to copy it and then paste it back at Twitterfeed in the Blog URL or RSS Feed URL box.  Afterwards, click on test rss feed.  If everything is okay then click on the Continue to Step 2 button.

NOTE: If you post on your blog more than twice and hour at any given time you will have to click on Advanced Settings and change the setting for And post up to "X" new update(s) at a time. I just choose 5 to be safe. 

4.Configure Publishing Services. Lets start off with Twitter. Under Services Available click on Twitter. Now click Authenticate Twitter and click Allow. Afterwards, scroll down and click on the Create Service button.  Now you should be back on the main Services Available page. Now click on Facebook. Click on Connect with Facebook and under Facebook pages select your Facebook page name. Now scroll down and click on the Create Service button. Next it will take you back to the main Services available page and scroll down and click the All Done box.

Congrats! You have successfully configured a feed!  You did it! Aren't you excited!  No more hard work for those of you who did this manually! 

Note: If a time comes where your feed isn't being checked, there is a way to force twitterfeed to check it. Just click on check now in the feed dashboard, and twitterfeed will do an immediate fetch of the feed, and post new item(s) if it finds any new items in the feed to post.