November 23, 2010

*New* Inspiring You To Save Blog Directory!

Welcome to the Inspiring You To Save Blog Directory.  Here you find bloggers from all around coming together to share their blogs with you.  Blogs are organized into categories.  Just like other blog directories you have to register.  My way of registering is a little different.  Because I am making this available to bloggers I ask that you do something for me.

If you want to list your blog under one category, I ask that you follow me and grab the "I'm listed in the Inspiring You To Save Blog Directory" button.  Grabbing the buttons helps insure the word gets spread about the directory and helps other bloggers find it.  If you want to list your blog under two or more directories here's what you do:
Please only list your blog under categories that match your blog.  I will remove entries that don't follow the rules and I will continually check to see that everyone is following the rules. Its important for everyone to follow the rules so the word gets out about the Blog Directory and to make sure everyone benefits from this. Please leave a comment letting me know which steps you followed and which directories you joined.

Categories Include:
Email me with questions or comments at Enjoy!
P.S. If your feeling extra nice you can even write a post to get the word out.  If you do this you can enjoy 10 extra entries into any giveaway. Just leave the link to your posting in your entry.