December 28, 2010

Blogger Tips Tuesday: Drastically Increase Twitter Followers With TweetBig

I work with several sites that expect me to have a huge Twitter following. To take advantage of reviews and giveaway oppurtunities, I knew I needed to raise my following.  About a month ago I only had 298 Twitter followers and 5 weeks later I sit at 2,003 Twitter Followers.  How did I do this? TweetBig.

TweetBig is a brilliant Twitter management tool that helps you drastically increase your followers and build your network. Using the TweetBig system is easy. Start off by signing in with your username, Twitter username and email and you will be guided through the entire process. At the end of the set up process you can expect to pay $1 for a 7 trial.

TweetBig is has 6 awesome tools.  Keyword Gather lets you enter keywords and phrases that interest you and TweetBig will find people using those keywords and show you the most qualified users that are most likely to follow you back. Piggy Back lets you add competitors with a similar niche and TweetBig analyzes their followers and identifies recommended users that you should follow. TweetBig will then check regularly for new users to follow. Auto Followback will follow back all of your new followers. Follow Timebomb lets you decide how long users have to follow you back before you unfollow them. This is one of the top ways to increase followers. Tweet Scheduler lets you schedule future tweets easily. Red Carpet shows you which of your followers has the most influence and biggest following.

TweetBig is great because it does most of the tasks immediately. My favorite features are the Piggy Back, Follow Timebomb, and Auto Followback.  I love Piggy Back because you can add 15 competitors and TweetBig identify the best users for you to follow along with showing you their follow percentage. Keyword Gather doesn't show the follow percentage. I like the Follow Timebomb and Auto Followback for obvious reasons. Tweet Scheduler is great because it has a URL shortener included.  Red Carpet I find useless.  Maybe I just don't understand its purpose?

After the 7-day trial, you can cancel or pay $17.95 per month to keep the service going. If you’re not a heavy Twitter user then it might not be worthwhile for you to use TweetBig. If you search hard enough you can probably find cost-free tools that will do practically the same thing. But you will have to utilize more than 1 service to match all of the features offered. Overall, I would recommend TweetBig to anyone who needs a larger Twitter following. I increased my Twitter followers by over 1700 in a little over a month. As long as you are searching for people within the same niche, you should see more traffic to your site along with more active users on Twitter.