January 12, 2011

CA Anti-Virus Plus + H&R At Home Deluxe = $0.01!

You can score a CA Anti-Virus Plus and H&R Block at Home Deluxe for only $0.01! Even if you already have an anti-virus this is still worth it for the H&R software. Its worth $44 and you will get 5 FREE federal e-files. Just follow these steps:

NOTE: The site is very slow right now. If you get an error page refresh the page.  Do not keep click on the submit button or you will have buy more items.
  1. Go here
  2. Click Buy Now
  3. Click Proceed To Secure Checkout
  4. Fill in billing info and click Submit Your Order Now 
  5. After your confirmation email arrives log into your CA account.
  6. Download your software (see #8 for H&R download)
  7. Now find Cancel Automatic Renewal Service (left sidebar) to cancel the auto-renewal.
  8. Wait for second email confirmation for H&R download link. (I called customer service because I couldn't find a link to download H&R and this is what a recording said).

Both versions are download only. NOTE: You will need to cancel the antivirus subscription within 6 months. or you will be charged for automatic renewal. When you buy the download version of this product using your credit card, your subscription will automatically renew each year. Your order confirmation email will include instructions on how to cancel your CA Automatic Renewal Service. If you discontinue your Automatic Renewal Service, annual subscriptions are available for subsequent renewal.