January 12, 2010

Kashless.org - Get Up to 300 RecycleBank Points Per Week

WOW is this going to keep you guys busy! Kashless.org is a free classified ad service. If you save searches you get 10 points per search which you can redeem at RecycleBank. RecycleBank has GREAT things you can trade for like free coupons, subscriptions, and much more. You can earn up to 300 points per week so this could be a super great freebie but it will take a little work.
This is only for select cities so choose the one closest to you.
Here is what you do, click HERE to sign up with Kashless. Then click on "Rewards" at the top and link to your Recycle Bank accout. Then click on "Saved Searches" and start saving searches.

I was able to get 300 in about 10 minutes so not too bad, since you can do this once a week you could earn some great rewards! It takes a few days for the points to show up so you can use them at Recycle Bank.
Click HERE to learn more about RecycleBank.
Have Fun! Thanks Jane!