January 12, 2010

Youdata.com: Free money!!

YouData.com is  a company that actually pays you to look at advertisements with no strings attached. I made $2.38 for about 1 minute of time and already have money in my PayPal account. Here is how it works.
The initial time investment is about 20 minutes.
1. Sign up for a Pay-Pal account at http://www.paypal.com/ if you haven’t yet.

  • Once you register you will receive 1 text with a 4 digit confirmation number that you’ll need to confirm your account. YouData does not solicit or “spam” you with text messages; you’ll only receive ONE text. If you don’t have a cell phone you can always use a friend’s phone (assuming they don’t want free money too!)
  • You will immediately receive an e-mail confirmation word that you need for registering.
  • You plug your text # and e-mail confirmation in and that is basically it for signing up!
The other details are as follows.
  1. You can check your account by logging into it or use their handy desk option once a day or once a week to access your ads.
  2. You will need to take a little time filling out your profile (15 minutes). Youdata is specifically targeting Moms, so if you are a MOM the odds of receiving more ads and MORE MONEY is likely.
  3. The next step is to spend about a minute “collecting your free money” by clicking on an ad and immediately closing it (unless of course you are bored and really want to read about the new AXE shampoo ads.)
  4. Every Friday the money you earned during the week will automatically be tossed right into your PayPal account.
Word on the street is that you can earn up to $20-$35 per month.
$2.38 cents for 1 minute of my time = $142.80 an hour, not bad!