November 9, 2010

$4/1 Wholly Guacamole Product!

Update: When go to the Facebook page, click on the image of the Y, then it takes you to a new site. Register or log in to access coupon! 

Starting at 10 am today (11/9), head over to Facebook to score a $4/1 Wholly product coupon!  This is a very high value coupon and as always they will go fast!  This coupon should make for a FREE if not dirt cheap product! Here is what their page said:
Looking for an excuse to partY? Wholly is too! So...they’ve decided to celebrate "Any daY that ends in Y"! WhY? Because anY daY is a daY that you and your friends and familY can hang out and munch on WhollY Guacamole, WhollY Salsa and WhollY Queso.

Celebrate todaY by going to and clicking the coupon tab for information about an awesome coupon that helps you save $4 off anY one (1) WhollY product! This is as close as they can get to FREE and still call it a coupon!! And since you alreadY love their WhollY Guacamole, you should use this coupon to pick up SOME ultra, fresh tasting WhollY Salsa, OR super creamY WhollY Queso.

Celebrate the daY!
Thanks OneMommaSavingMoney!