November 8, 2010

Meet Me Monday Blog Hop!

Welcome to Meet Me Monday!  Meet Me Monday is a weekly link-up hosted by Inspiring You To Save! created  for socializing and to get new followers, subscribers, and readers.   Every Monday a new linky will be posted. Here's how it works:

* Follow this blog
* Follow the Blog of the Week in the #2 spot
* Leave a comment if your a new follower with your web address and I will follow back (give me some time).
* Grab the link-up button and post "Meet me Monday" on your blog to help spread the word.
* Link up your blog post for "Meet Me Monday".  The more people that  know, the more that will join in, the  more fun it will be!!

NOTE: It has come to my attention those signing up are using their blog URL in the linky instead of the URL to their Meet Me Monday post. If you want to be chosen for the Blog of the Week spot, you will have to use the URL to your Meet Me Monday post.

Blog Of The Week

The Blog of the Week is Food Floozie. She is devoted to those she loves: Jeremy, her 19-year-old son with exceptional musical talent; and Tom, who means so much more to her than the word "boyfriend" can convey. She's a proud Neoluddite, a supporter of the powerless, intrigued by nerdy things like crossword puzzles and languages on the verge of extinction, a woman who likes to play Mah Jong with the bubbes who have adopted her, a recovering Catholic and self-described Secular Jew, a prissy city-girl, and someone who just tries to get through yet another day intact ... while having fun and eating more than people think a skinny girl can! Check out her blog!

Bloggers who have blog hops, link them up in my Blog Hop Library here!  My Blog Hop Library is organized by day of the week. Just link up your  blog hop on the days its hosted by you so others can find it!


NOTE: Anything that isn't family oriented will be deleted. Do not link  to this post unless you are participating in "Meet Me Monday". Most of  all HAVE FUN!